What Can You Learn from The Women’s World Cup?

By Gloria Averbuch

When all is said and done, the relevant question for Points Sports Health readers, and for this month’s issue of our online magazine is: what can you learn from the Women’s World Cup?

It has long been lamented by experts that, for the most part, young American soccer players do not follow or watch the high-level equivalent of their game. Watching is more than just for entertainment, although that should be enough, if this is a sport you love and enjoy.  You should watch because you can never fully understand to what you aspire without a model of those aspirations. You can never improve crucial aspects of your game without the comprehensive instruction which includes the study of what you do.

This study takes more than just spending time on the field. Soccer is like chess; one masters the game not by mere individual moves and straightforward skill. Mastery includes an understanding of how and when to use those skills, as well as comprehending all the chess pieces, so to speak–the parts of the game and how they fit together. Then, with that larger understanding, the pieces of your game fall into place and become part of the larger whole.

You have a responsibility then, to help keep high-level soccer in this country, whether it is Major League Soccer or Women’s Professional Soccer, alive and viable. They are American laboratories that will help this game—and your game—to grow and thrive. I encourage you to support,  promote, watch, and learn from high-level soccer.


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