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    Triathlon Training : Triathlon Training for Beginners

    When a beginner is training for a triathlon, it's important for them to be patient, because it takes a great deal of time to build up the fitness to be a ...

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    Gatorade Triathlon Training Series; Running For Triathlon

    Good biomechanics for increased energy in the “long run,” and energy distribution for the running in a triathlon.

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    Gatorade Triathlon Training Series; Open Water Swimming

    Helpful tips on the important details of open water swimming for triathlons--from swim gear to race start

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    Triathlon Coach Steve Trew - Swim Tips

    How to maximize your swim workouts with drills, and suggestions for "whole-part-whole" workout, in which you break up the parts to improve technique

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Top 6 Stretching Exercises