Saving Your Joints

By Dr. John Kripsak

Throughout my years of practice, I find knees and shoulders to be the most common areas for joint problems.  Although you can be more prone to arthritis (which affects the joints) through genetics, it is something that can be prevented or lessened by leading a healthy life style.  For example, you can maintain a lean body weight and proper nutrition by staying away from processed food and exercising regularly.

Patients with arthritis in the knees often come to me saying, “I’m in shape and exercise regularly by running, but my knees still hurt.”  People often believe that since running is a form of aerobic activity, that it is good for you.  Yes, running is a great cardiovascular exercise, but if you have any kind of knee problems, it is not ideal.  Low impact sports like biking and swimming are great ways to strengthen muscles without putting extra weight and pressure on your knees.

So, besides leading a healthy lifestyle, be sure to be knowledgeable about the activities you are involved in to insure you are not doing more harm than good!

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