Running Motivation

Although there are many other techniques to get motivated, it is important that you choose ones that work for you. Running a marathon is physically and mentally challenging, so you need to train your mind as well as your body.  Running a marathon takes determination and dedication along with motivation. Everyone has his/her own way of personal motivation.

Here is a list of some simple things you can do or think about to get motivated:

1.    Read about or speak with other marathoners.
2.    Focus on running for a charitable cause.
3.    Focus on the great shape you are getting in.
4.    Write down running or other inspirational quotes wherever you can find them (magazines, books, movies).
5.    Watch Steve Prefontanie, Chariots of Fire, or other inspirational running movies.
6.    Find a running partner and/or join a running club (strength in numbers).
7.    Focus on everything you have done to prepare for the event.
8.    Visualize yourself making a great run or running the race, and picture what it will feel like to achieve your goal.
9.    Talk to yourself and flood your mind with positive thoughts (our minds operate in the present, so the more we tell ourselves something, the more likely and more quickly we will believe it).
10. Block negative thoughts- if you start to feel yourself thinking about fatigue or during a run, repeat phrases such as, “I feel strong.”
11. Even if you miss a run or lose focus on training, don’t let it prevent you from achieving your goal.
12. Think of all the supporters, especially family and friends, cheering you on while you run.
13. Think about the well-earned meal you get to enjoy in after a run.
14. Think about the “bucket list” wish you will achieve.
15. Keep in mind the new and interesting people you will meet.
16. Eliminate “I can’t” from your personal vocabulary.


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