Listening to Music While you Run

Whether you choose to listen to music or not, put your safety first! Make sure the music is not loud (consider wearing only one ear bud). It should not compromise your hearing and overly distract you to your surroundings.


  • Music can act as a distraction so you aren’t thinking about how tired you are.
  • Music acts as an emotional and motivational power that keeps you going.
  • Music relaxes your mind so you feel less strain.
  • Music can help to regulate your breathing patterns.
  • You can kill two birds with one stone by listening to the news or catching up on a sports event.
  • You can receive more energy, and a reduction in perceived exertion allowing a longer workout.
  • Music creates a dissociative state and allows you to ignore all unpleasantness.
  • Stimulating music can increase muscle tension and motor functions.
  • Music can automatically bring a person to a happy positive mood leading to a more productive workout.


  • Music can distract you from focus on your form and technique.
  • Music can distract you from realizing the pain of an injury, and prevent you from being alert to your environment, a safety risk.
  • Music can lock you into a certain tempo and you can get stuck at an undesired pace.
  • Music can be dangerous since your reaction time is slower while listening.
  • You will never see any professional athletes consistently training with music because they are focusing on performance.
  • Relying on music, you may be missing out on your running community.
  • Competitive runners perform better in an associative state, monitoring their own running efforts (proven to help you breathe more efficiently).
  • Listening to your music at too high a volume increases your chance of hearing loss.
  • Music can create a dissociation from activity and can hamper performance
  • Music limits the race experience.

Whether you choose to listen to music or not, please put your safety first! Make sure the music is not loud. It should not blind you from your senses or reality.


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