Hail to the Chief!

We like to say at PSH that we “practice what we preach.” To that end, we hope you are following the exploits of our hearty CEO, Thomas Hofstetter, on his blog–“From Counch Potato to Ironman.”

Sometimes, we have a hard time believing our peers. A friend or colleague will announce, out of the blue it often seems–“Hey, I’m going to run a marathon!” and you’ll think: A marathon? This guy has moved more than five feet in all the time I’ve known him!!

Now, imagine what you’d think if the same guy came in and said: “I want to get fit; No, one better: I want to start to run, swim AND cycle.” OK. Fair enough. THEN, a marathon, even a triathlon itself, isn’t enough for this particular guy. Noooo. He has to pick an IRONMAN triathlon. The full deal!

But we at PSH are now officially given notice, by the first foray into competition of our “Fearless Leader.” Thomas Hofstetter not only ran his first race, (pinned the number on, lined up with his peers, some surely young enough to be his grandchildren (that’s a compliment, Thomas!), but on Sunday, April 3, in his FIRST ROAD RACE EVER, a 7K in Atlantic City, he came in 4th in his age group and 15th overall (of 300) with a time of 31:47. That’s a 7:20 minute per mile, if your math skills need sharpening. No skeptics here; we are believers in Thomas’ goal!

This is truly remarkable, impressive, and a sign of the the hard work that Thomas has put into his training. (and he looks like an athlete too, having dropped a good number of pounds and sharpened up his physique).

So, we at PSH like to say: we practice what we preach. We believe in the redemption of the “couch potatoes,” and the satisfaction and accomplishment that health, sports and fitness provide. Thomas is a shining example.

Onward “Fearless Leader”! Until the next event on your horizon. We’ll look forward to the results.


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