Dr. Thomas Nordstorm Wants to ‘Own The Bone’

A recent query on the Center for Orthopedic Care in Bridgewater, NJ Facebook from a patient regarding bone health sparked an exploration into the subject with practice orthopedist and bone expert Dr. Thomas Nordstrom. Dr. Nordstrom, who has been studiously interested in the study of the topic for over 30 years, is adamant on helping women not only to cope with the results of disabling osteoporosis, but his real aim is in avoiding the disease by taking steps toward prevention.  “Hip fractures are a serious problem,” says Dr. Nordstrom, but his goal is to prevent that hip from breaking in the first place. “Thirty five percent of my practice is bone issues,” he says, “and 20 percent is purely osteoporosis.” So in his 30-year practice, this gives Dr. Nordstrom plenty of experience, making him one of the group of orthopedists of whom he says, “We want to own the bone.”

Read the full article here at The Center for Orthopedic Care.


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